Upcoming artiste Nexxie provides evidence he gave DJ Mo Sh20,000

DJ Mo and Nexxie

Two weeks ago, an upcoming gospel musician Nexxie accused DJ Mo of obtaining Sh20,000 from him and failing to play his song.

According to Nexxie he approached DJ Mo through his manager to have his new song Simple Man featuring Dk Kwenye Beat put on rotation after which he produced Sh20,000 for the services.

In an interview with Pulse, DJ Mo refuted the claims and in his defence stated “There are conmen who go to River Road to look for videos and dupe artistes that they are well-connected to DJs and thus if they pay certain amounts, they would have their music played. I think this could be one of those cases as neither I nor my team members transact such business.”

“I can’t take a bribe from anyone to play their music. Besides, I drive a Range Rover so what is Sh20,000 to me? There are so many accusations being peddled out there that we (deejays) take money from musicians but it’s the brokers who do it and this in turn soils our name,” he added.

On January 12, Nexxie countered DJ Mo by sharing photographic evidence of an M-Pesa transaction of Sh20,000 sent to one Samuel Kanyingi AKA Dj Mo.

DJ Mo and Nexxie

Nexxie narrated on how he had skipped some meals even not paying rent to raise the money, which according to Mo, was a measly figure.

The M-Pesa message

“To them it was, ‘What is 20,000?’ to me it was ‘Everything’.

I was promised "a raise to stardom" in a period of two months with consistent airplays on high rotation and exposure through interviews.

I lost my mum when I was only 13 years of age, and since then I promised myself to take care of my now aging father and siblings. So when this opportunity came my way, I had to do all I can in order to raise the amount including not paying rent for that month and skipping some meals.

To me, it was not just 20,000; it was my whole life” stated Nexxie.