Breath-taking photos of world’s coldest village: It’s so cold a thermometer broke at -62 degrees

The extreme weather was too much even for the new electronic thermometer. It broke after reaching -62°C [Photo|Courtesy]

Oymyakon, a small Russian town, is considered the coldest permanently inhabited settlement in the world.

The place is so cold it is referred to as the ‘pole of cold’ but for the local population of about 500, they go about their day to day activities in the sub-zero conditions.

Icy lashes [Photo|Courtesy]

Children are allowed to attend classes until the temperature hits a low of -52OC.

It is so cold there that people’s eyelashes are turned into icicles.

As reported by Boredpanda, an electronic thermometer read lows of -62OC. In fact, it is reported that the thermometer stopped working after reaching the extreme mark.


Back in the 1920s and 30s, the area was a stopover for reindeer herders. Here, they would water their animals from the thermal spring.

When the government stepped in and attempted to force its nomadic population into settling down, they transformed the area into a permanent settlement.


The lowest temperature ever recorded in the village in -67.7OC, the lowest ever recorded in the Northern Hemisphere.


According to Mirror, there’s no mobile phone signal, locals eat horses and reindeer because nothing else grows and they are forced to keep their cars running for hours to keep them working even when they're not using them.

They also can't wear glasses or use ink pens because they both freeze.