Journalist on the spot for ‘eating’ interns

Camera [Photo: Courtesy]

A senior journalist has been warned by his superiors to stop luring female interns into sex or face the sack.

The man is said to have formed the habit of using his power to trap and lure young girls

— as well as other female journalists

— into emotional submission. Often, he promises them promotions.

Male interns have also accused him of favouring girls while demeaning them.

“He is one of the worst bosses I have ever met. He will see nothing positive from male interns, but women will escape with anything,” said a former intern.

The senior journalist poses as a well-behaved, reasoning character, whose command of the Queen’s language is unmatched.

His superiors are said to have warned him to reduce the ufisi tendency after receiving complaints from female employees and interns.

 The situation worsened after one of the female employees’ husband complained and threatened to take action.