Tano Tena singer in tears after Ken Lusaka gifts him a Toyota 110 car


A Bungoma-based musician Sammy Mang’ara has thanked Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka for donating to him a car after he ruthlessly campaigned for Jubilee in Western region.

The artist came into the public limelight in 2017 with his song: Tano Tena, which called on the public to rally behind the then Bungoma Governor Lusaka, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto.

Speaking to the press on phone from his home, Mr Mang’ara, 26, said his life would never be the same again.

“This is a dream come dream. This vehicle will ease my movements from one location to another; I will be able to attend as many performances as possible, and this will generate better returns for me,” said the class eight drop-out. 

The musician says with a better income generated from his performances, he would be able to take his children to better schools, buy better music equipment and hire more artists and dancers to augment his work.

Yesterday, Mang’ara held a prayer session at his home in Khachonge, Bungoma, for the special gift of Toyota 110, and a house whose construction is in progress.

Sammy Mang’ara

“All this has been the work of Mr Lusaka. We are happy about this big achievement by our son Sammy. Despite his tender age, and having gone through tough times while he was growing up, the challenges did not stop him from pursuing his music career,” said a local pastor who led the prayer session.

Speaking in Mahe, Seychelles, where he is attending an international conference, the Senate Speaker lauded Mang’ara’s indisputable talent, observing that Tano Tena was not only a special gift to his gubernatorial race but also to the 2017 presidential contest.

“It was a hit song that became Jubilee’s anthem in Western and other many parts of Kenya. I urge all young lads out there to fully exploit their talents; I will always offer my support to them,” said Mr Lusaka.

The Speaker said he would later on arrange for the musician to meet President Kenyatta.

A father of three, Mr Mang’ara said he started singing in 2013 and has seen his career grow fast. In his meeting with the President, the artist says he hopes to open a studio if given support by the Head of State.