Video: Security detail lapse? President Uhuru hit by door, stumbles in South Arica

Uhuru arrives in South Africa for a three-day visit

Uhuru Kenyatta steps out of his car and quickly walks away on the red carpet. For the scheming eye, it’s a normal presidential arrival, but a keen look reveals that something went a miss, for a second.

As expected, his security detail opened the left door for him but just as he steps out, the door swings back and knocks him.

Takes bit of effort for the President to hold his ground and maintain cool and proceed down the red carpet like nothing happened.

Another security detail attempts to hold back the door but it is too late. Uhuru’s PA Jomo Gecaga steps in and taps the security detail after noticing the hitch.

President Uhuru Kenyatta had travelled to South Africa to hold bilateral talks with his South African counterpart Jacob Zuma on Thursday 11th January when the incident happened.

He is also expected to address an ANC meeting before concluding his three-day visit.