My mother called me a prostitute- Former presidential aspirant Kingwa Kamencu

Kingwa Kamencu [Photo: Courtesy]

Controversial Underwear Free Movement campaigner and former presidential aspirant Kingwa Kamencu has come out to ‘explain’ why she acts the way she does in what she apportioned to her upbringing.

In a post on Facebook, Kamencu disclosed that she was ‘rebellious surly teenager’ and any conversations with her mother ended with ‘hysterical outbursts.’

Kamencu stated that she related to sex ‘out of rebellion and hard-headedness’ from her mother who she says did not have a sit down with her on the subject or even her period.

My mother never talked to me about sex. The only time she came close to doing so was when she would call me a prostitute for coming home late.

“It is possible that i then found myself closely relating to sex (this bad thing that was evil) out of rebellion and hard-headedness (kichwa ngumu)…

“Yet, I take after her in many ways. I look like her, I sound like her. I have been stopped in town more than once by people asking me if I am Hellen Kamencu's daughter,” wrote Kamencu.

Kamencu is known to push boundaries with weird and absurd albeit creative campaigns that have often made headlines.

On August 2017, she launched a campaign where she published a clip where she was photographed naked in a bid to raise funds for a campaign she was running.

She reportedly did so after walking naked into a photo studio and asked the photographer to take “good pictures.”