Drama as Mt Kenya politician is beaten by prostitutes, flees naked

He had to flee for dear life

A senior officer in a county government in the Mt Kenya region was cunningly robbed of his personal belongings by the twilight girls he had sought services from in Nairobi.

He was robbed of his money, phones and wallet despite taking fool proof measures to deter the nimble-fingered ones.

The middle-aged official who worked in the private sector before securing the county job had decided to sample the good things Nairobi nightlife has to offer that fateful night.

During the day, he had attended a seminar at a conference facility based along Thika Road and in the evening two colleagues accompanied him to the city centre.

After a round of booze, the man decided to visit a nearby brothel for a session of some sinful pleasures of a rather carnal nature.

He picked a beautiful hooker from among a bevy of twilight girls fighting for his attention and after bargaining briefly he hired a room and took her in.

He fished a packet of condoms from his pocket then placed his clothes on the floor, contented that the girl could not reach them and steal from him.

The man was prompted by the watchman to hurry up his business because he was taking longer than the time allocated for short-stays.

He finished his business in a hurry, quickly put on his clothes and was leaving the room when he heard the stifled tone of a phone being switched off coming from under the bed.

It sounded like his phone and on checking he was surprised to discover it was missing. He checked his other pockets and realised his wallet was also missing.

At the same time, the girl was pushing him to leave the room as the watchman outside urged him to move out fast so that he could prepare it for the next client.

Kicking and punching

The man, however, decided to look under the bed only to find a young woman clutching the items she had stolen from him.

“So all of you had a plan to steal from me and that is why you are forcing me to leave in a hurry while she is hiding under the bed,” the man screamed as he pounced on her.

However, before he could give her a beating, the watchman, rather beefy and mean looking man, grabbed him.

In the ensuing argument, more twilight girls arrived and starting kicking and punching the client for purportedly disturbing their peaceful workplace.

Before he knew it, they had undressed him and taken away his shirt in the tussle.

Fearing for his life, the man disentangled himself and sprinted out of the brothel at bullet speed, leaving his property, including his clothes behind.