Hand-cart pusher tickles court, confesses he's motorised by 'bhang'

He was found with Canabis Sativa in his pocket

Most of the time when an offender is arraigned in court for being in possession of Bhang, they always say hilarious stuff in their defence.

When 25-year-old George Mutunga Njau was presented before Makadara Law Court after he was found with Canabis Sativa in his pocket, he claimed that he is motorized by the holy herb.

Mutunga, who is a hand-cart pusher in Nairobi’s Muthurwa Market, told the magistrate that his work requires a lot of energy and weed is his main source.

He was accused of having been caught in possession of the outlawed narcotic drug on 1st of January 2018. The one roll of bhang in his possession was approximated to be valued at Sh20.

The prosecution said that on the material day, around 10pm, police officers, who were on patrol, came across Mutunga, who looked suspicious.

Upon doing a body search on him, they found a roll of bhang, which he initially tried to disown, saying he had no idea how it found its way to his pocket.

But upon being hauled to court, Mutunga pleaded guilty to the charges, explaining why he uses the illegal drug.

“It is true that I smoke bhang. But I don’t do it for fun, it’s my source of energy. My work entails use of a lot of energy and without using the substance, I will have a bad day and make less money,” he told the court.

During his mitigation, Mutunga left the court in stitches when he asked the prosecution and magistrate rhetorical questions.

Hear him: “On the day I was arrested, I was preparing to deliver three sacks of potatoes from City centre to Dandora. Now, where do you think I get that kind of strength if not from that weed?”

He was sentenced to three months in jail or pay Sh20,000 in fine.