Shopkeeper shamed after mentally ill woman reveals he sleeps with her in exchange for food

Locals are up in arms, protesting against men

As sages would say, ‘each time a mad woman gets pregnant, a decent man goes missing from the locale’. It’s men who become prime suspects, get trailed and asked to prove their innocence.

This, however, has not been the case in Bakarani area of Kisauni constituency, Mombasa County. Here, more and more mentally unstable women keep getting pregnant, with everyone wondering who could be responsible.

So common had cases of mentally ill women getting pregnant, that locals are up in arms, protesting against men who put such patients in the family way.

One of the locals said in the last few months of 2017, six mentally challenged women were spotted with pregnancies, prompting well-meaning residents to try and find out who was responsible.

“We spoke to one of them who go by the name Khadija. Even though, she is a complete screamer, we managed to calm her down after buying her lunch and soft drinks. What she told us was heart breaking,” Mishi Abdallah, a local told Crazy Monday.

Apparently, on their way home from drinking joints and mnazi dens, popularly known as ‘mangweni’, the inebriated men have been preying on the mentally challenged women who spend the night on the streets, pavements and abandoned buildings.

Could use of alcohol be the reason for their poor judgement and motivation to go for soft targets like such women? You may wonder. But you know what they say about men and blaming their wrongs on alcohol.

“They come straight to the building where I sleep with my colleagues sleep, give us a few coins or food and then take us in turns. We have no problem with them since we get something to eat. But we hate being pregnant,” Khadija narrated to the astounded women.

Oddly, she was able to describe one respected shopkeeper whom she said regularly passes by and haves his way with her.

“But at least he gives me bread and other foods during the day and passes by here after closing his shop,” Khadija told the women.

Mishi, a local, said apart from Khadija, they managed to talk to two other women, who have not gone completely bonkers and revealed how men give them chips and use them at night.

Desperate to stop the behaviour, some of the locals laid a trap on the eve of New Year, just as some men trooped from entertainment spots.

True to form, a group of three men shot from a near-by mangweni and headed straight to an abandoned building where some of the mentally unstable women call home.

Unfortunately, before the locals could pounce on them, they took off, even as they pursued them in vain.

“We almost successfully laid an ambush on them, but they heard our movements and fled,” said Mishi, who is calling upon authorities to stop the behaviour.

Mishi and others are now calling upon local leaders to help such women to get permanent residence and medical attention.