Man accused of raping his 10 year-old daughter, commits suicide

Poison [Photo: Courtesy]

Perhaps overwhelmed by guilt, a man who was being sought by cops in Murang’s County over defilement allegations has committed suicide.

John Wachira is reported to have swallowed poison at his home in Maranjau village. He was pronounced dead on arrival at a local hospital, where his kin has rushed him to medication.

The 29-year-old, who was a father of six, vanished from the village the moment his 10-year-old daughter spilt beans of her ordeal.

Murang’a Deputy County Commissioner, Kepha Marube, told reporters that the child, who is mentally unstable, was defiled on November 21, 2017.

The matter was reported at Makuyu police station, who had launched a manhunt for the suspect, who returned and killed himself a day later.

Attempted murder suspect blames evil spirits for poisoning community borehole

Adolescents can be such thoughtless rascals at times. Believing that they are too special for punishment or dire consequences for their handiwork, some will even tempt fate or engage in the most reckless of behaviour.

Bogged down by travails of life and perhaps in a bid to robustly express displeasure with the way his family treats him, a teenager in Marakwet West poisoned a community borehole.

Of course, he intended to kill the entire village, had he not been busted in the act. The local police have since arrested the 19-year-old and is to face attempted murder charges.

Hillary Kiprono is reported to have bought ticks and mites poison, which he poured into the borehole, which serves over ten families at Kaplenge village in Marakwet West, Elgeyo-Marakwet County.

While at it, he issued a stern warning to children who were playing nearby, threatening to beat them up, only for them to report him to their parents.

After confirming that the water had indeed been poisoned, the parents reported the young man to authorities who arrested him.

The area assistant Chief, Abraham Chemisto, who confirmed the incident, said the young man was a disturbed soul.

Even interesting was the teen’s line of defence, when he blamed evil spirits for the attempted murder.

“The suspect told us that there were evil spirits pushing him to poison the borehole. Of course, we were not convinced by the answer and after probing him more, he cited family problems,” said Chemisto.

“He was arrested and taken to Kapsowar police station for further interrogation,” added the assistant chief. Chemisto said the water point has since been sealed off, with cops declaring it a crime scene.

“Public health officials took samples of the water and directed that we seal the borehole as they will be coming back to collect more samples,” said the leader.

Panic stricken locals are now scared of drinking water from other boreholes in the area and now have to trek to nearby rivers for the commodity.

“The other three nearby boreholes have also been shut down after locals refused to draw water from them. Public health officers have also warned that the water may be contaminated by the poison,” said the assistant chief.