Was there a 'dog' hovering over the ill-fated City Shuttle bus?

What is that?

Speculation is rife on social media over a photo that has emerged purporting to show an incomprehensible figure hovering over the overturned bus at Nairobi’s CBD early today.

In the photo seen by SDE that we cannot confirm its authenticity, a dark grey figure seems to be hovering over a crowd that had milled around the City Shuttle bus that overturned after it collided with a saloon car at Kenyatta Avenue.

Some social media users who claim to have seen it are speculating that the dog like figure was as a result of dark forces at the accident scene.

Others were however quick to dismiss the photo as a case of a classic Photoshop to act as a distraction to the rising calls for action over the ability of the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) to curb road accidents.

While others noted that it could have been a mirage that was captured due to predesposing weather patterns that morning.

The most probable thing however is that it is a palm tree.

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