Man in Narok escapes death narrowly after being nabbed fondling wife’s sister

In the ensuing confusion the man slipped away and took off

There was drama last Sunday in Ilmotiok, Narok County after a woman returned home only to find her husband and her younger sister romping in their matrimonial bed.

The 9am incident occurred after the woman who had gone to look for a labourer to help her weed her maize farm returned earlier than expected.

She said she left home quite early, but found the labourer she was to hire unwell. Thus, she was forced to go back home.

On her return she found her two children playing outside, with the door to her house partially closed.

What she saw when she walked in her bedroom was her husband with his pants down, having a gland-to-gland combat with her younger sister.

“I screamed for neighbours to come and see for themselves what the two were doing, as I reached out for a cooking stick to attack them,” said the woman, who is the man’s second wife.

Performed better

In the ensuing confusion the man slipped away and took off. The crowd that had turned up interrogated the young girl who confessed that her brother-in-law had promised to give her Sh500 token if she performed better than her bigger sister.

“He had been pestering me, saying that I was really gifted and he would do anything to please me,” the girl is reported to have said.

However, the wife took off to her parents’ home where she reported the incident.

Philandering man

Surprisingly enough, the philandering man is reported to have sent emissaries to her father-in-law, seeking forgiveness.

Unluckily for him, the request was turned down. According to area Chief, it was an unfortunate matter since it is a taboo to take to bed ones sister-in-law among the Kipsigis community.

The woman says her marriage had been troubled for a while now.

A while back, her elder step children had stormed her house and confiscated some of her household goods, claiming that they had a right over any property their father bought in that house.

While at it, they accused her of humiliating their father.

To add insult to injury, the woman’s children have been asking her where their father disappeared to so that they can go and see him.