Meeting Chuck Norris and former US President George Bush in church was great

Brian Aseli


  • Brian Aseli is the host of Turnt and Klub Kubamba on Kubamba Radio and Youth Café
  • He talks about his campus life

Which university did you attend?

I went to Daystar University.

What did you major in?

I majored in communication, electronic media.

Growing up, what did you want to be?

I wanted to be a lawyer, an actor and a journalist.

If your parents had their way, you would have been a...

I grew up in a liberal home where our parents allowed us to make our decisions and supported us all the way to the end.

Any classes skipped?

Lots of them, especially physics and biology.

Your worst class was...


Best lecturer was...

Anne David Mwende

Passing exams meant...

Understanding what I was taught and being able to remember it after class.

What was your best campus experience?

The most exciting one was when I visited the United States with Afrizzo. We visited 11 states in America and I even met George Bush at his local church in Texas and met Chuck Norris in Disneyland.

Dating experience

It was very dramatic. But I learnt a lot.

If you were to go back to campus, what would you do differently?

Nothing. I would do it exactly the same way with more confidence and more psyche.

Making extra cash meant...

Coming up with productions every semester or going to perform in hotels with Afrizzo every week to make sure we had extra cash. I was also the theatre director at Riara Springs Girls High School.

Campus friends

I have very few friends and very many acquaintances.