Man 'catches fish' on Nairobi streets in mockery over poor state of roads

Patrick Ngugi

A photojournalist based in Nairobi, Peter Ngugi, has taken an initiative to mock the poor states of roads in the city centre by posting hilarious photos on his twitter account.

He hopes that by ridiculing the pathetic state of the roads in the city, he will catch the attention of Nairobi County authorities led by Governor Mike Sonko.

In one of the pictures that went viral, Ngugi was seen rowing a raft after water overflowed along the busy Biashara Street.

In another picture, he is seen holding a fish that he supposedly caught using his fishing line at a pothole full of dirty water- an outright ridicule of the state of roads in the county headed by Sonko.

His hilarious pictures come amidst concerns raised over the state of roads and the high number of stalled projects in the capital, where some of the roads are impassable due to the clogged sewage system and potholes.