Akothee expresses concerns over her mum’s deteriorating health weeks after losing grandfather


Flamboyant Kenyan singer Akothee has expressed concern over her mother’s deteriorating health.

Akothee, who lost he grandfather James Ogendi Oyieko just two weeks ago, attributed her mum’s ailment to the traumatizing loss.

In a message through Instagram, Akothee wished for God to restore her mother’s health so that they could bury her grandfather.

“Get well soon my mum, I know it's tough moments losing your father, but if you down and in bed ! What do I do, may God restore your health mum, so we escort our hero! I love you I miss you see you soon,” Akothee posted.

Akothee with her mum and late grandfather
Akothee with her mum

The singer, who had a close relationship with her grandfather built her home in Rongo so as to be close to him.

Akothee has released a song Lala Salama, paying tribute to her late grandfather.