Witness: I killed monkey so MCA could win election

Robert Mwongela,a self-proclaimed witchdoctor testifies in a Narok Court
  • A witch doctor claims the Olposimoru MCA failed to honour a deal they struck before the August 8 polls.
  • The man from Kitui says senators, MPs and governors are his clients

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A witness in an election petition has admitted to using black magic to help an MCA clinch his seat.

Robert Mwongela told a Narok court he slaughtered a colobus monkey and performed rituals to help Olposimoru MCA Wilfred Kikaet Kuyo (ODM party) win the seat.

Mr Kuyo’s election is being challenged in court by former area MCA Wilson Masikonde of Jubilee Party.

Mr Mwongela, who comes from Kitui County, said he chose to testify against his ‘client’ after Kuyo failed to honour a payment deal they had before the election.

Mwongela claimed Kuyo was meant to pay him Sh500,000 after winning the election.

He said the legislator only gave him Sh20,000 and that he travelled to Narok at a later date to demand the full payment but was given only Sh3,000 for fare back to Kitui.

While testifying before Narok Principal Magistrate Tito Gesora, Mwongela said he performed the 12-hour ritual at the MCA’s home on August 2, 2017.

“On that night, I slaughtered a black colobus monkey in my client's homestead and made him lie naked in his compound,” Mwongela narrated in the packed courtroom.

“Later, I applied the monkey's blood mixed with its fur and herbs on his body.”

Asked how they caught the monkey, Mwongela said he gave the MCA a charm that attracted the monkey to his compound.

He said he tied the monkey skin around Kuyo's waist and wrist to woo people to his side and cause those who came in contact with him to vote in his favour.

Video clips

Mr Mwongela, who supported his argument with video clips in court as evidence, stunned the court when he boasted that his ‘juju’ had worked wonders in favour of many sitting governors, senators and Members of Parliament who are his clients.

He claimed he inherited his ‘powers’ 20 years ago from his father, who gave him a cap with the fur of an unidentified animal and some herbs to would use while serving clients.

Kuyo had earlier told the court that the elections were free and fair, and that no one was influenced through witchcraft, bribery or any other form of manipulation.

In his affidavit, the ODM legislator swore the case filed against him by Mr Masikonde was not brought to court in good faith and asked the court to dismiss the petition in its entirety, saying it was based on rumours and hearsay.