Celebrated model Soila is opening a school for vixens

Soila Cole
  • Commercial model Soila wants to start a school for vixens
  • She says she ended with the idea after getting sick and tired of seeing amateur video girls featuring in music videos

Are you considering becoming the next big video girl or model? Then, celebrated video vixen and commercial model Soila has a deal for you.

Sick and tired of seeing amateur video girls featuring in local music videos, the young beauty who has been running a modelling agency and designer fashion shop now says she is starting a video vixen’s training school where she can train models to be professional.

“We no longer see video vixens who are professional and who understand the art of video-filming. Artistes are picking unprofessional girls randomly from the estates and putting them in their videos. I want to change that and bring girls who are serious about the business and not there for cheap money. That is why I am opening a school for vixens," she said.