Rich! Mother of one wins Sh20 million jackpot

Millicent Kwamboka won a Sh20 million lottery
  • A mother of one from Kisii is the latest millionaire in town
  • This is after Millicent Kwamboka won a Sh20 million lottery
  • Kwamboka correctly matched six numbers in a live draw

For a whole week, a mother of one desperately tried to postpone her destiny.

Wary of pranksters and racketeers who make their living from defrauding Kenyans with long-winded tales of fortunes, Millicent Kwamboka, reject a call from someone who pestered her with news that she had won millions.

But her resistance wore off and when she finally entertained the caller, she realised that she had indeed won Sh20 million in the Pambazuka lottery.

 A week-long search for her finally ended in celebrations as the mother of one finally received the Sh20 million cheque.

The Pambazuka lottery team had been searching for the elusive winner who refused to pick up calls thinking con artists were after her.

“She said that she thought it was con artists from Kamiti and so she panicked and switched off her phone,” said Christine Mwaura, head of marketing at the lottery.

Kwamboka had travelled to Kisii to see her ailing mother.

It took a call from a Kisii-speaking man from the team, during a live television show on Sunday, to convince Kwamboka that she had indeed won Sh20, 294,226.

She had correctly matched six numbers in a live draw held last week and yesterday she rode in a limousine escorted by motorcyclists, drawing the attention of many city residents who were making their way into the city.

The motorcade however was not headed to Ruaraka where she lives but rather to Kilimani, where she has been staying with a family friend since she travelled back to Nairobi.

“I was overwhelmed with joy when I received the congratulatory message. This win will really change my life. I am so happy,” said the soft spoken businesswoman.