I shall not vote on October 26: Boniface Mwangi after getting shot by police

  • Boniface Mwangi was protesting against police brutality when he was shot
  • The former MP aspirant has sworn not to vote on October 26

On October 19th, activist and former Starehe MP Aspirant Boniface Mwangi was shot at point-blank range with a teargas canister.

Mwangi was shot by a police officer while peacefully protesting against police brutality after 67 were killed by police since the August 8th elections during anti-IEBC protests by NASA.

Mwangi and the group of protesters were making their way to Uhuru Park’s Freedom Corner when they were accosted by the officers.

Despite the protesters displaying the police notification regarding the protests addressed to the county commander, the officers remained adamant.

“The officer-in-charge decided to consult her superiors and, upon her return, informed us that the Inspector-General, Joseph Boinett, had issued orders for us to be dispersed,” stated Mwangi.

As the protesters drew close to the police, an officer pushed back Mwangi and shot him on the chest with a teargas canister at point blank range, leaving behind a wound.

Following the confrontation, the former MP aspirant swore not to vote on the forthcoming October 26 elections.

“I shall not vote in an election where innocent women and children have been brutalized by their own government. I shall not vote in an election where the executive attacks the judiciary with cheap insults, while asking us to respect the same courts,” stated Mwangi.

Boniface Mwangi displays the wound on his chest