No, I will not forgive your ignorance Nyakundi- Radio queen Adelle Onyango fires back

Adelle Onyango and Cyprian Nyakundi
  • Kiss 100 presenter Adelle Onyango has responded to Cyprian Nyakundi
  • This is after Nyakundi posted a vile message against Onyango
  • Onyango blasted Nyakundi for hiding behind ignorance to degrade women

Top radio presenter Adelle Onyango has sent out a strongly worded message to controversial blogger Cyprian Nyakundi over his distasteful rape comments.

Adelle took to Facebook where she spared no words against Nyakundi for instigating rape in a social media post after she spoke out against the rape culture in Kenya.

Onyango took issue with the blogger for hiding behind ignorance to buttress violence, rape and objectification of women.

Cyprian no, I will not pardon your ignorance, I will not forgive that YOU just like for the man who raped me this post is not about sex but is all about objectification, power and control.

“I will not forgive you for what your post did to me mentally and emotionally, for the hurt it caused my family; my husband, my sisters and my close friends all in the name of “pardon me for my ignorance.” I will not let you dim my light or my message,” wrote Onyango.

She blasted him for turning a powerful anti-rape message into a dark twisted show to satisfy his sexual preferences.

“This is not about who will have sex with you or who you want to have sex with Cyprian, this is about the fact that in 2008 the Crime Scene Investigation Nairobi reported that there were 40,500 rape cases in Kenya,” added the presenter.

In a message to women who have undergone gender based violence, sexual abuse and discrimination, she told them to keep the faith alive.

“I dedicate this to anyone who has ever been hurt in the name of masculinity. Soon the day is coming where our femininity as women will be valued in itself and not in its relation to masculinity, it seems today is not that day but until then we keep up the work and keep doing dope things.”

The response by Onyango came about after Nyakundi attacked her personally after she gave a powerful talk against rape accompanied by former news anchor Janet Mbugua.

Here is Onyango’s full response to the blogger.