His hand was on my boob: Radio queen Anita Nderu reveals why she doesn’t take matatus anymore

Anita Nderu
  • Popular radio presenter Anita Nderu has revealed she was groped  in a Nairobi matatu
  • Nderu stated that she was shocked after a man groped her boobs and no one intervened
  • She added that narrating her ordeal will help other women to come out

Days after the Thomson Reuters Foundation released a survey of the safest and worst cities for women in the world; popular radio presenter Anita Nderu has shared her ordeal in Nairobi matatus.

Speaking to the BBC, Nderu,27,  revealed that she no longer takes matatus after she was groped at her boobs while travelling.

 “I just felt something cold on my left boob, I looked down and I see a hand and it is this man hanging on my boob.

 I told him to remove the hand and he is like why do women have boobs then are there for men to touch.

He finally removes his hand and I am shouting to the conductor  but he is like, I have nothing I can. I got out of the Matatu and cried not even one person asked why I was crying…

I have been harassed twice in a Matatu and ones in a taxi. Whenever I use Matatus I am never comfortable at all.

Sharing my story will help other women to come out and share their experience because this is unacceptable and see that is actually a problem,” narrated Nderu.

 Nderu was featured by the BBC alongside fellow presenter Adelle Onyango as amongst a list of 100 most influential and inspirational women around the world.

In the survey by Reuters, Cairo emerged as the worst capital for women to live in followed by Karachi, Kinshasa and New Delhi respectively.

London was the best capital.