Popular Kenyan socialite Pendo finds her ‘long lost twin’

Pendo and Rheanne
  • Nairobi Diaries cast member Pendo is searching for her ‘lost twin’
  • This is after a video vixen with striking resemblance to her appeared in in Diamond’s video
  • The vixen appeared on ‘Hallelujah,’a song by Diamond and Morgan Heritage

The ideology that there are common facial templates that apply to people of different ethnic groups, races and creed may not be too farfetched after all.

Everyone in this world is said to be an almost identical replica of themselves existing in some far away country. And no we’re not talking identical twins here.

We are talking about uncanny resemblances that leave your mouth open. Well, whether you believe it or not the resemblance between these two does not lie.

That was the case for socialite and Nairobi Diaries cast member Pendo who found her long lost ‘twin.’

‘’Twinny found. Who is she?? Help me find my long-lost sister.#ghettoprincess.’’ She posted.

What’s interesting is the fact that her fans thought the dark-skinned model in Diamond’s and Morgan Heritage’s song ‘Hallelujah’ was her all along before she posted on her social media that it was not.

For those who thought it was Pendo it is not.

Turns out the video vixen in the hit collabo is a Nigerian London based model and actress who goes by the name Rheanne.