Daily bread to Canaan? NASA to feed demonstrators

NASA leaders during the Wednesday demos. The alliance as revealed to their supporters that they will be provided with water, soda and bread during the demos
  • Political outfit NASA has staged daily protests starting next week in bids to coerce the electoral commission to meet their demands
  • The coalition leaders have pledged to feed their supporters during the daily demos

National Super Alliance (NASA) now wants to pump in more energy to their weekly protests, literally.

Following the new daily demos move, the coalition will supply bread, water and soda to the protesters on a daily basis.

The coalition also announced that they will increase the protests against the IEBC from thrice a week to daily as from next week.

Revealing the plan to NASA supporters on Wednesday, Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati said that the protesters will ow have something to bite during the daily demos.

Though not revealing much about the well-wisher, Arati informed the supporters that they will be supplied 20,000 loaves of bread and the same number of water and soda bottles during their daily protests.

“The supply will start on Friday. You will receive the items every day,” revealed the ODM legislator amidst applause from the supporters.

It is not clear whether the food items will also be delivered to other supporters holding demonstrations around the country.