Why is everyone silent? Chris Msando's mother speaks out over son’s murder

Chris Msando
  • Chris Msando's mother has asked the Government to unravel who killed her son.
  • Maria Msando said the silence over Msando's murder was stressing and haunting her
  • “Tell me who killed my son and why," she said

Slain IEBC manager Chris Msando's mother has asked the Government to help unravel the mystery surrounding her son's death.

Maria Msando, 72, yesterday said the continued silence over Msando's murder two months ago was stressing and haunting her.

She said she did not want to die before getting the full details of Msando's killers.

"I am troubled. I have not been eating well since July. I am sick because my son who used to take care of me is not there.

"Now, I have only one plea to the Jubilee government, tell me who killed my son and why," she said.

Ms Maria was speaking to the media at her Lifunga home in Ugenya on Tuesday.

"There have been high-profile murders in Kenya and the police have always arrested people over those deaths.

“Why is this not being done over the killing of my son? Why is everyone silent? She asked.

She added: "It has been two months since my son was murdered and buried. To date I still watch the TV and listen to radio just to know if they have arrested any suspect. I just want to know the person. I will not take revenge on anyone."

Msando's body was found in a thicket in Nairobi in July, a day after he went missing.

Msando's sister, Alice Awuor, asked the State to invite FBI to unravel the mystery.