Really? Three Kenyan celebrities who shocked Kenyans with their ‘rich kids vibe’

Muhoho, Lupita and Nderu
  • Muhoho Kenyatta was under fire for his ‘poor’ Swahili
  • His vote of thanks in Swahili during a tour of Nandi County left many shocked
  • And was attacked by a section of Kenyans on social media

A video of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s son Muhoho Kenyatta struggling to read a vote of thanks in Swahili from his phone has elicited mixed reactions after it made rounds on social media.

Some were aghast that the President’s son could not utter the speech in Swahili as expected and had to be written down for him.

Others were however forgiving to Muhoho pointing out that he schooled using the IGCSE curriculum where Swahili is not taught, save for a few exceptions.

This reminded Kenyans of other 'Oh My Gosh' moments when some celebrities who were born and raised here like Muhoho made them drop their jaws with their shocking revelations.

First off was Oscar winning actress Lupita Nyong’o.

Social media went berserk after the Hollywood actress stated in an interview that she did not know how to prepare the Kenyan delicacy, Ugali.

That her parents, Dorothy and Peter Anyang' Nyong'o, were household names in Kenya only made matters worse.

Many assumed that having made the break to Hollywood and lived in Kenya for over a decade participating in major productions such as Shuga she would know how to cook it.

Then there was radio queen Anita Nderu.

Kenyans were on Nderu’s neck after she reportedly posted on social media app Sarahah that she was not well versed with Swahili.

This irked KOT who went for her jugular arguing that Nderu was hypocritical having been raised in Eldoret and schooled in Uganda.

To which she fired back that she knew the language but wasn’t as fluent as such.