Man in court for voting twice in the August 8 General Election

Museveni is out on a Sh50,000 bond
  • A man has been arraigned in court for voting twice
  • Matthew Humphrey Museveni is said to have voted twice in Kakamega
  • Museveni is out on a Sh50,000 bond

A man was charged with voting more than once in the August 8 General Election.

Abraham Mukunga, who was the presiding officer at Mukhonje Primary School, Matungu sub-county, told the court that Matthew Humphrey Museveni's hand was found to have been marked was found after he voted for the second time.

Mr Wafula told Chief Magistrate Bildad Ochieng' that Museveni voted in the morning without being identified by the Kenya Integrated Electoral Management System (KIEMS) and returned in the afternoon to vote again.

"The accused came to the station but the KIEMS device could not identify him.

He insisted he must vote, saying it is his constitutional right to do so, but I asked him to wait as I went to assist another voter," said Mulanda.

He added that Museveni went to the clerks, who gave him six ballot papers even though he had not been identified.

"The accused came again in the afternoon and voted after being identified by the gadget. The officer who was in charge of applying the ink on voters' fingers noticed the accused already had the mark and notified us.

"When we investigated, we found that the number of voters identified by the gadget was 199 while 200 ballot papers were issued, which led to the arrest of the accused," Mulanda said.

Museveni is out on a Sh50,000 bond. The hearing will continue on November 3, 2017.