You will not believe what KTN crew did to news presenter Ali Manzu

Ali Khamis Manzu

Celebrated KTN news anchor Ali Khamis Manzu was thrown a birthday bash live on air on Wednesday the 13th after fellow journalists surprised him on set.

Manzu had almost completed presenting the 4 o’clock news when song and dance rang in the air while he was signing off.

A visibly amused Manzu could not hide his surprised face as the huge cake made its way and took over where his iPad usually occupied.

As they sang him happy birthday, Manzu thanked his colleagues and laughed it off as he recollected himself after being caught off-guard.

Manzu started off as an intern in 2002 at KBC’s Sauti House in Mombasa, where he did video production.

He then moved to Radio Salam FM where he worked for six years before KTN came calling in early 2007.

He holds an undergraduate degree in Communication and Public Relations from Moi University.