Agony as randy teacher stumbles on daughter being fondled by his colleague at bar

He broke into tears
  • The headmaster stumbled upon his beloved daughter being fondled in a bar
  • The moment the girl noticed him, she hurriedly disentangled and fled
  • ‘This man must go to North Eastern or any tough place’, he fumed

It was a day of reckoning as an alleged randy headmaster in Narok County got an overdose of his own medicine.

This was after he stumbled upon his beloved daughter being fondled in a bar in Narok Town by his colleague.

The headmaster could not control himself, he broke into tears and staggered out of the bar, vowing, “I must punish this fool by all means necessary.

Even if it means engineering his transfer to North Eastern or any other far flung, insecure hardship area. I swear, he must go!”

The principal, who is notorious for befriending and fooling around with people’s daughters, had invited a fellow headteacher for a drink in the town.

The two principals walked into the local bar placed orders, and once they were served began enjoying themselves.

As they imbibed the frothy waters, the alleged randy principal loudly regaled his colleague with stories of the past. When he got high, the conversation degenerated into trivialities.

He loudly shared with his friend and others on their table

— who cared to listen

— tales of how he has ‘conquered’ several beautiful women, among them teachers and other people’s wives and even school girls in the locality.

He did not stop there, he went on to tickle and entertain them with gory details of his bedroom experience with them.

He narrated and boasted how he severally beat other teachers in his school by winning over younger teachers on teaching practice.

Soon the beer took its toll on his blunder. He then excused himself, and ducked into the gents to relieve himself.

On the way, he passed by a couple that were lost in their own world, with the woman pinned against the wall and writhing in pleasure.

The couple, inebriated and unmoved, went on to embrace, kiss and fondle without a care in the world

— as if their lives depended on it.

Pressed, the head teacher made his way quickly to the urinal, but while returning to his seat, out of curiosity, he decided to have a closer look on the two love birds.

Exchanging saliva

Alas, in a drunk stupor, exchanging saliva and making funny noises was his beloved daughter with a biology teacher at his school.

 The moment the girl noticed him, she hurriedly disentangled and fled as the biology teacher followed suit, leaving the tipsy headmaster speechless.

The man of chalk walked to his table a dejected father, tears lingering in his eyes.

His friend soon realised that the man had turned uneasy, moody and grumpy. Unable to stand his friend’s unease, his drinking buddy asked him what was amiss.

“Imagine I have found my biology teacher fondling my daughter there (pointing in the urinal’s direction). I cannot imagine that a member of my staff has decided to betray me,” hissed the headmaster, amid sobs.

“You know your daughter is no longer a minor, and has a right to chose what she wants. These things happen, it’s just that you have caught them today. Let’s just walk out of here, and find a better place,” replied his colleague.

With tears in his eyes, the head teacher staggered out of the joint as he cursed the biology teacher, vowing to work round the clock to see him interdicted or transferred to North Eastern or any other far-flung insecure, hardship area.

“This man must go to North Eastern or any tough place apende asipende, just wait and see ataenda! This is unacceptable” vowed the man as he hobbled out of the bar, leaving those at his table in stitches.