Man hanged on a tree by his testicles for winking at girl

  • It all began after winked and give a woman in the company of three men a lascivious eye
  • Immediately the woman began claiming that her phone had gone missing
  • She blamed it on him before he was assaulted and hanged by his testicle

Gentlemen, has someone ever showed interest in your woman at your local?

Has your lover ever lost her phone, and you are completely convinced that the shifty eyed man hovering around is the suspect?

Did you wish you could grab the thief and inflict serious pain on him?

Well, that’s almost what happened to one Francis Ssekiranda. 

As we speak, Ssekiranda is fighting for his life after three crooks besieged him, beat him up, hang him on a tree with a sisal rope tied around his testicles! Sobs.

It all began when Ssekiranda was having a drink at a pub, and as most men are wont, happened to wink and give a woman in the company of three men a lascivious eye.

prime suspect

Before he knew it, the woman began claiming that her phone had gone missing.

Of course, she blamed it on Ssekiranda.

It is not clear how winking at the woman made her phone go missing, but thing is Ssekiranda was a prime suspect.

Among his attackers was a soldier.

The drunken louts immediately turned into detectives, prosecutors, judges and a jury before meting out justice.

They launched investigations, frisking Ssekiranda before they grabbed him and dragged him out of the pub. 

Two of the assailants held his arms, two others his legs while a fifth undressed him and tied a rope around his balls.

They then hang him on a tree, leaving him to swing like a pendulum! Jeez! who does that! 

Neighbours in the locale were awakened by loud wails coming from a huddled bleeding heap lying under a tree.

The first thought was it was a mugging gone wrong, but alas it was worse – castration by hanging!

His response to their queries was “I have lost my manhood! They would have warned me to leave their girl, and I even do not know her.

“If they claim I stole a phone where is it, I do not have it! Matovu you have killed me!”

mutilated testicle

Neighbours found him bleeding profusely. And besides him lay one of his mutilated testicle!

What do some people smoke to have the guts to unleash such terror on others?

Why would such a savage act happen to a human being?

I wish I could go to Mpigi where it happened as I have so many questions.

Did they punch his throat so he couldn’t scream before his testicle got cut by the rope?

Are these men normal human beings?

Where did they get a sisal rope from, and what were they drinking to come up with such a cowardly plan?

Men no longer fight their real enemies?

They just go for the testicles of innocent bystanders?

Women are the ones who are fond of chopping off men’s privates in a fit of rage or jealousy.

Perhaps, this was the woman’s idea? Who can answer these questions?