Why I use vitendawilis – Raila Odinga speaks out on his trademark phrases

His “Vifaranga vya Computer” phrase stirred the internet as Kenyan created memes

“Vifaranga vya Kompyuta” phrase by Raila Odinga stirred the internet after he gave his statement following the disputed 8th August 2017 presidential outcome.

In interview with SDE the former Prime Minister said that unlike what reports indicated, his ‘viral’ phrases just come from heat of the moment.

When asked whether he had thought about the “Vifaranga vya Kompyuta” as his punchline, Mr Odinga said that he at the time thought of what would fit the situation- and the phrase was the clincher that would generate hundreds of memes.

He explained that to im they were figures of speech . “We called them vifaranga vya kompyuta because they( results) are not real.” This was in reference to the allegations that the 2017 Presidential results had been generated electronically.

“You think out aloud and something just comes, ” he chuckles at the thought.

 He attributed his “wisdom” to spending time with elders. “I learnt this sitting with the elders…I learnt to use real life situations to describe something.”

About his popular vitendawilis Raila Odinga said that they were effective for communication.

“That is why I use hadithis and vitendawilis….they describe real life situations.” He finished

To him, most of it are not predetermined and he only “thinks out aloud” once at the podium during his political campaigns.

Overtime phrases and words such as “Kindendawili! Canaan, Joshua, Baba, Vifaranga vya Kompyuta" have become popular.