Madem wana haga, watakuwa Haggai- Raila Odinga reacts to hilarious Canaan memes in an exclusive interview

Raila Odinga during the interview
  • The Canaan narrative has been used by Raila Odinga to amass support telling his 'followers' that he was their Joshua and would deliver them to the Promised Land
  • Canaan and Joshua are  biblical connotation and references that have gained popularity after they were contextualized into the Kenyan political landscape by the NASA candidate.

NASA presidential Candidate Raila Odinga has finally spoken about the Canaan memes that arose following his “Canaan” promise to his supporters.

The former premier who was speaking in an exclusive with SDE said that on that morning of the 8th August poll he had started received hilarious messages on his inbox. “….on the polling day, early morning at 5 am, I got messages….we are already crossing River Jordan”

He said that it gave him satisfaction knowing that there were people who shared his eagerness to go to “Canaan”.

The Canaan craze saw creative Kenyan create social media test that explored people’s persona and used it to give them a persona once they got to Canaan.

“You are ever drunk. Mlevi. Joshua will call you M-Leviticus ukifika Canaan,” said one response from the website.

Raila Odinga was reading from this

Told to read some of the messages that had been doing rounds about Canaan, the land of milk and honey, Raila Odinga was easy as he read out hilarious posts.

“Madem wana haga, watakuwa Haggai, wale wakupenda salon watakuwa Thessalonian,..mafisi tutakuwa mafilisti,” the amused Mr Odinga read.