I am not in contact with my seven-year-old daughter- Prezzo

  • Prezzo state that he was not in contact with his daughter
  • The rapper stated that his relationship with her ex-wife Daisy was complicated
  • His ex-wife has full custody of the child

Popular Kenyan rapper Prezzo had disclosed that he is not in contact with his seven-year-old daughter.

Speaking to Kalekye Mumo, the King of Bling stated that his relationship with his estranged ex-wife Daisy Kiplagat was complicated.

“Marriage life was good because I got a beautiful baby girl out of that. But Daisy loved Jackson Ngechu Makini but hated Prezzo but I couldn’t let go of the brand since I took so long to build it,” stated Prezzo

Prezzo said that he did not file for the custody of the child and did not want the nasty divorce struggles to hamper his relationship with her in future.

“I never ever went to court to claim (my daughter) because whatever is put on Google will never be erased. I don’t want my daughter to go on Google and see this conflict between her mum and her dad,” said Prezzo.

The rapper added that he was optimistic about the future but noted that he wanted to give Daisy her space.

“It’s complicated. I think Daisy just needs some time to exhale. I would never ever talk ill about Daisy because she is the mother of my child,” he added.

On whether he was violent to Daisy that necessitated the breakup, Prezzo said that he never beat her up.

“There was no violence. She gave birth to a beautiful girl for me so I have never laid my hands on a woman.”