Nigerian women want Vera Sidika off their men but she thinks otherwise

Vera Sidika
  • Vera Sidika’s nasty break up with her Nigerian ex-boyfriend has put her on the spotlight
  • Nigerian women trolled her and called her to stop taking naija men. Sidika has since come out to defend herself

Vera Sidika recently laid public her unpleasant relationship with her Nigerian ex-boyfriend, Yommy.  Though they are still having issues between them, Vera has come out saying that she does not intend to date a Nigerian man arguably because of her nasty relationship with Yommy.

Nigerian women had hit at the Kenyan beauty queen following her accusations against her ex-boyfriend who is a Nigerian.

The Nigerian women were not happy that she was attacking a Nigerian man yet she still claimed to love them.

The twist was that not long ago Vera introduced her new man to her fans. He is Nigerian. She however, stated that she does not intend to have a long term relationship with him saying that her lifestyle cannot allow her to settle down in a relationship

In her post, Vera clarified that she never went after the men and that it was the other way round:

“It’s funny how some Nigerian girls always talking about “these gals should stop taking our men” no! It’s your men that go after foreign girls! Why not focus on keeping your men in your country than attack foreign girls for dating naija Men. They approach them not the other way round! Maybe u should ask yourself why it’s so than point fingers on others. Coz it’s unfair attacking people for no reason. FYI, I don’t intend to date a Nigerian man. So don’t panic Lagos is lit thou.”