Five common misconceptions about sexually liberated women

Sexually liberated women
  • People automatically assume that a sexually active woman has low self-esteem
  • Men believe that a woman who openly proclaims that she likes sex will have it with anyone
  • Another assumption about sexually liberated women is that they are not interested in long-term relationships

Women empowerment has brought about a lot.

 On matters sexuality, men are starting to learn that women are as able and likely as men to separate their emotions from their bodies and engage in casual sex, just for fun.

 However, in this day and age, women who are sexually empowered are still looked down upon by men as well as fellow women.

Here are a few misconceptions about these women who never shy away to publicly talk about their sexual tastes and preferences.

They are into kinky stuff

A lot of people believe that women who are open about their sexuality sleep around with different men and are probably into some very weird fetishes.

While there is nothing wrong with engaging in kinks and fetishes (as long as it is consensual), being sexually aware and having casual sex doesn’t necessarily mean a woman is a freak in the bedroom.

So don’t assume you will find chains, whips and handcuffs in her closet just because she enjoys sex often with different men.

They have low self-esteem

People automatically assume that a sexually active and empowered woman hates herself and probably has daddy or mummy issues.

They think she is unhappy and needs to be rescued and that sleeping around is her way of self-destructing because of all the deep-seated issues she is grappling with. They feel sorry for her.

Nothing could be further from the truth. A woman can chose to sleep around simply because she wants to, not because she doesn’t value herself. It doesn’t mean she is unhappy with her life. She is just satisfying her desires.

Easy and will have sex with anybody who asks

A lot of men believe that a woman who openly proclaims that she likes sex will have it with anyone.

They think: “Since she has slept with so and so, she will sleep with me too.” They then get offended when the woman turns them down.

How can she turn him down when she is practically giving it away to everyone else? Well, here is the fact of the matter.

Women are choosier with casual partners than with potential boyfriends. Men lower their standards when looking for a hook up but women seek the best men to have casual sex with. They want the hottest and then most successful men as sex buddies. So don’t be offended if you don’t make the cut.

They cannot be faithful in a relationship

People also believe that a woman who has engaged in casual sex with multiple guys and doesn’t shy away from confessing it is incapable of being faithful in a relationship.

Again, this is totally false. Just because a woman enjoyed casual sex when she was unattached, doesn’t mean she will continue seeking sex with different men after she gets into a relationship.

When she meets the right guy who fulfils her physically and emotionally, she will gladly give up her former lifestyle.

They are not interested in long-term relationships

Another common assumption about sexually liberated women is that they never want to settle down.

A lot of women who are engaging in casual sex don’t plan on doing it for the rest of their lives. It is a phase some women go through but ultimately, all women want to meet the right man and settle down.

 It may not be a priority right now but it is definitely in her plans. Perhaps she wants to enjoy her youth before settling down.