Drama as women protest, calling for closure of new Kisauni brothel

  • Women protested to have the brothel, which masquerades as a massage parlour closed
  • In one incident, a man beat up his son after they ran into each other in the brothel

There was drama in Mshomoroni estate in Kisauni after a group of women staged a protest, demanding the closure of a new brothel situated in the residential area.

The women complained that the brothel, situated in a prominent four storeys building in the area and masquerading as a massage parlour, was corrupting the morals of both young and old men who frequent the brothel even in broad daylight.

Citing an incident in which a man clobbered his son after the two bumped into each other at the house of sin, one of the women decried degradation of morals in the area.

According to the woman, at least four girls share a room in the brothel. So just when the man in question was looking over his shoulders as he hurriedly left the whorehouse, he stumbled upon his son jogging up the stairs.

Hell broke loose, with the man beating up the son, as he loudly wondered what he was doing there.

“My husband was both embarrassed and furious that he rushed to attack our son, injuring him seriously on the face. Unfortunately for him, Jimmy (the son) told me and his friends about the incident. They spread word all over the estate and now I have been forced to hide in my house for weeks to hide my shame. We must close this devil’s abode!” the woman said as she narrated to those who cared to listen.

Another lamented about how her husband had lost interest in fulfilling his marital duties, as he was getting satisfaction at the brothel, which he, at times, visits even thrice in a day.

“The girls charge as little as a hundred bob for a quick session, making it very easy for our men to regularly patronise the building more than twice in a day.

Some of them have been plundering all their wages at the brothel due to the numerous times they go there, leaving us to fend for our families on our own,” she said. Boniface Lukongo a mason who lives in the estate told Crazy Monday that men have been lavishing praise on the girls and openly bragging about their experiences with them.

According to him, some who are daily customers get services on credit and sometimes even get discounts. The girls also offer massage services, something the men say they cannot get at home.

“Women in this area are becoming scared every time their husbands leave home because they are aware that they mostly head to seek pleasure with the young call-girls. It is very embarrassing since some of the girls call out to the men from the windows while semi naked,” Stella Kache, one of the women, told Crazy Monday.

During the protest, the call girls remained holed in their rooms refusing to venture outside fearing the women who were baying for their blood as a group of men watched from a distance.

Several muttered that they would not allow the women to ruin their party. “Hawa wanawake wanasumbuliwa tu na wivu! (These women are only jealous),” one was heard saying as he chewed miraa.

The women only left after the newly elected ward representative arrived and promised to take up the matter with the police.