Moses Kuria blasts Raila Odinga as he campaigns in Kiambu for President Uhuru’s re-election

Moses Kuria

Controversial Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria is not mincing his words and is spoiling for a fight after he launched a scathing attack on the opposition as the campaign fever hit Kiambu.

Through his Facebook post, Kuria, whose previous statements have landed him in trouble, said that he was on a manhunt to flip the 70,000 voters who cast their ballot in favour of National Super Alliance principal (NASA) Raila Odinga

“Kiambu has spoken. They have said Wembe ni Ule Ule. Wangige and Kiambu people are seething with anger. 1 million of their votes were cancelled by four people.

“ But they are so ready to do it again. And even more. Manhunt is on tonight for the 200,000 people who did not vote and the 70,000 that voted for that other *******,” wrote Kuria

Kuria stated that he was in a mobilization drive to get the last man to vote for the re-election of president Uhuru Kenyatta.

 “You want to tell me that the votes of eight million people were neutralized in five minutes?” Posed Kuria.

In a live video stream from Kiambu where he was accompanied by other legislators, Kuria went on the onslaught against Odinga and retorted that he would not get any votes from the area this time round.

Replying to Odinga over his statement that the national exams could be postponed to pave way for the elections, Kuria said that Odinga was playing with the lives of Kenyan childrennd stated in local dialect "If he has no need for his own children, would he have any need for you who are not even related to him?

His statement has attracted reactions from all quarters as the MP is accused by online users of being radical in his speeches.