We shall revisit-President Uhuru Kenyatta in scathing attack on Chief Justice David Maraga and Supreme Court

Uhuru Kenyatta

Uhuru Kenyatta has today addressed the outcome of Presidential petition that had been filed by NASA’s Raila Odinga challenging the outcome of 8th August General Election.

Addressing Jubilee Governors and MCAs’ at State house, the President delivered a scathing attack on Supreme Court ruling and Chief justice David Maraga.  Uhuru said he was disappointed that the will of the people had supposedly not been respected.

Uhuru promising that if he wins the election in November, he would ‘fix’ the Supreme Court.

“We shall respect but we shall revisit this agenda, ” he added, stating that Supreme Court had not considered the will of millions of voters who had queued to cast their votes . “Acha niseme hata kama ni na hasira kidogo,” Uhuru exclaimed. “In 60 days, we shall show you “

He expressed his dissatisfaction with the court ruling but said that his party was ready for the election. “We want the IEBC to announce the date  ...we meet with Raila at the ballot”

His response comes a day after the Supreme Court annulled his election as President. In the ruling read by Chief Justice David Maraga, the presidential election was termed null and void.

 The Chief Justice in his reading ordered the IEBC to conduct new presidential election in sixty days as per the constitution of the Republic of Kenya.