She survived: Maid who was thrown off 7th floor by her boss in Middle East finally gets back home

Adesech Sadik back in Ethiopia
  • The maid fell from the 7th floor and survived the fall with injuries
  • The Ethiopian girl spent months in Hospital Kuwait before finally getting home in Ethiopia
  • Her boss was arrested following the incident
  • Most women who end up in Middle East as house helps always complain of abuse from their bosses


A couple months back, a maid was forcibly thrown from the 7th floor in a high-rise apartment in Kuwait. The incident occurred at Sabah el-Salem where the maid said that she was escaping from her boss who was trying to kill her.

The incident caused an outrage and the cruel boss was eventually arrested. The maid Adesech Sadik, an Ethiopian, survived the fall but with broken bones and bleeding ears and nose.

On the contrary, her former employer tried defending herself against the condemnations by the public arguing that Sadik was actually attempting suicide. The argument she fronted was not convincing as a video footage of her watching the maid fall without attempting to help went viral.

She has finally made it back home in Ethiopia and she was received by her family.

A number of the rich Arabian Middle East countries are hiring thousands of domestic workers from countries in Africa and poorer regions of Asia. A majority of these women hired as house helps always complain of being abused by their employers. Recently, Saudi Arabia gave an order that all unregistered migrants to return to their homes voluntarily or they be arrested and forcefully be thrown out of the country.