My house helps earn Ksh56,000 a month – Singer Akothee

Akothee with her family
  • Akothee through her social media page has disclosed that her domestic workers take home over Ksh20,000 a month
  • The singer likened the ‘meagre’ KSh 56,000 from MCSK last October to what her house helps earn

Does your house help earn a cool Ksh23,000 a month? If the answer is yes, then as an employer you are at par with singer Akothee.

This is after Akothee disclosed the amount she pays her house helps while lamenting at receiving KSh56,000 from the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) last October.

The affluent singer shrugged off the ‘paltry’ amount from MCSK as an equivalent to what she pays two of her domestic workers and was not even enough to pay her photographer.

She reiterated that she does not care what MCSK sends her this year and pointed out that what was major to her at the moment was her music.

“Don’t ask me about music right now , the last cheque I received from MCSK was 56,000 in October last year , this is salary for only 2 of my domestic employees per month, this can’t even pay my photographer.

So leave me alone , listen to the ones on YouTube , like baby daddy link on my bio & the rest , leave music for now will collect it next month awards are coming give me what you think I deserve.” Posted Akothee on Instagram.

Well played Akothee, well played.