My jailbird ex-boyfriend wants me dead –Vera Sidika


Vera Sidika with her ex
  • Vera Sidika maintains that her ex-boyfriend is after her life
  • She claimed that after he expose on him, he has made several attempts on her life

Leading Kenyan girl-about-town Vera Sidika has maintained that her life is in danger, a month since she exposed her former boyfriend as a violent man who could be involved in the illegal drugs trade.

Now away in London, the Kenyan socialite says Yommy, her Nigerian ex-boyfriend, had just been released from jail when they met and was facing internet fraud charges.

Three days ago, Vera claims, a stranger visited her Nairobi residence demanding to present her with a gift - an act she says could have been orchestrated by the ex to "finish me".

“Since I exposed this guy, he has been trying everything possible to finish me. I know he is one person who does not go down without a fight," Vera told MondayBlues.

"I was called by my security people while I was here in London and told a stranger had come to my house demanding to drop something.

I asked them to call the police and the person was arrested. I can only connect this (incident) to this guy as he is the one who has been after me.

“I week ago, my Instagram was hacked into and all the photos were deleted; I think he must be involved. His intentions towards me are not good and I still say my life is in danger,” she added.