Meet the doctor, surveyor and two top CEOs who run their bodies like finely tuned machines

Healthy living starts with you
  • A doctor, two CEOs and an acclaimed quantity surveyor share their secret to wellness and fitness
  • Thy all reiterated that your wellbeing starts with you and the key to achieving the desired results is consistency

A doctor, two CEOs and an acclaimed quantity surveyor. Their lives are full with busy careers, families and active social lives.

But they run their bodies like finely tuned machines; Sleek and fit.

Fabulosity is my lifestyle

Nana Wanjau, the managing director of Saltaway Investments, CEO of Branding beyond Borders and founder of Power Woman International.

Age: Early 40s

Children: Two boys; a 16 and 13-year-old

What is your perception of Nana?

Nana is whole, complete and irresistibly fabulous. My tagline is 'Fabulosity is my lifestyle.' Fabulosity for me is 360 degrees.

Nana Wanjau, immediate former president of Rotary, MD Saltaway Investments

It is a balance of my life, family, work, health and wellness and my spirituality. If I am fulfilled in all those areas, that is fabulosity.

For me, health and fitness is right after God and spirituality, because when you are not fit you cannot do all these other things.

Raising my children and looking after my husband is my first job. If my business is flourishing and my family is suffering, that imbalance is not good at all.

What are your fundamentals on self-care?

When I was thinking of having children, I decided that I needed to up my game in terms of exercise in order to bounce back after giving birth.

I did:

• Two hours of physical exercise instead of my usual one hour.
• Running for one hour instead of my usual half hour.
• During pregnancy, I did what the doctor allowed, up to the time of giving birth.
My husband is an exercise freak and that helps me keep the momentum going.

What is your diet like?

I do not diet. I just eat well and I love to eat healthy meals at home where I know how my food is prepared and dictate every ingredient.

Even when I am invited out, I eat at home before I leave and have small bitings when I am there just to be sociable. The only thing I do not eat a lot is red meat because I do not like it.

What is your physical regimen like?

I wake up at 4 am, pray then get a workout in. I have a gym at home so I either do aerobics, get on the treadmill or use weights, but mostly I love to dance.

 I work out at least three times a week. I hope to make that six times a week.

How do you keep your spirit young?

I love to have some fun and I do surround myself with love, laughter and happiness. When a relationship starts to take a toll on me emotionally, I'm out of there fast.

Beauty secret?

When you eat well, sleep well, are spiritually grounded, emotionally stable and healthy, it is inevitable that you are going to glow.

 I also love myself, love to look good and I am all woman. I love to look at myself, I love dressing up and I am very passionate about the way I look, even when I am going to bed.

Not in terms of makeup but putting myself together well, in a beautiful robe. I love spas, getting pampered and dancing as part of my relaxation.

I make a deliberate effort to be the best I can be for everybody I touch and I can only do that if I am healthy.

I can't escape my fitness trainer

Sasha Mutai, a Quantity Surveyor,
Age: 40
Children: One daughter aged 10

How have you maintained a trim look over the years?

I have always been sporty. In primary school, I was in the athletics team then I was captain of the rugby team in high school.

Sasha Mutai, Quantity surveyor, Partner at Integrated YMR Partnership

In Strathmore I was a member of the school football team, and I played rugby with Mean Machine at the University of Nairobi.

Unfortunately, I broke my leg in 1999 and that ended my rugby career and it took me a few years to do anything physical, but I got back into fitness around 2005.

 I had some periods where I did not do much but I got into serious fitness again in 2013. I have been so consistent at it that at one point I had to give out all my clothes to Nyumba ya Wazee because I had become very fit and reduced in size.

What is your fitness regimen now?

I have a personal trainer who comes to my house three times a week and we do intense workouts in the morning for a maximum of one hour.

It is more convenient than going to a gym and if he comes home there is no escaping it, I have to work out.

I use very few weights but use my body weight for resistance and I end up burning more calories because of the intensity and sequence of exercises.

What about maintaining proper health?

I like to travel, so I go to India every two years for a holiday and a full medical checkup, so that if there is anything, it is caught early.

What is your typical diet like?

I was told that I needed to reduce my cholesterol so I try to eat healthy but sometimes I cheat because life is also about enjoyment. However, I have not do sugar at all for years, though I may have a few pastries once in a while.

What motivates you to work out?

I have a young daughter, so I want to be around for long. Life is a blessing, so you have to look and feel good about yourself and enjoy life. When you are fit, you are energetic, so you enjoy every day you are out there.

Fitness is part of life, so you have to find time for it and make it fit in with your life. I am very spiritual. I pray, I believe everything happens for a reason, there is a bigger scheme of things and there is a God with a plan. So I live very day without regrets.

I express myself. I do not bottle in anything. If I need to say something, I say it as it is.
Do you think you are fabulous?

Being fabulous is about making yourself and your loved ones happy. I think I am.

I work hard to maintain my physique

Esther Dindi, a medical doctor

Age: mid-thirties.

Children? A set of nine-year-old twins and a two-year-old

How did you lose the weight after three babies?

Dr Esther Dindi, "Doctor Fitness", Medical doctor - consultant physician

I have always lived an active lifestyle, but I got into very structured and consistent workouts when I got the last baby in late 2015 because I wanted to get back in shape, and became more careful about what I ate.

What motivates you?

I'm inspired to stay fit, not so much by being a doctor, but by wanting to maintain the results that I have gotten so far. I am also keen on inspiring other people to live an active lifestyle and exercise and to do this I have to look the part.

What is your workout routine like?

I work out at home four to five times a week for about thirty minutes in the evening. I especially love High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

I do strength training and aerobics concurrently –Bouts of cardio between strength training. I mostly use dumbbells, a kettlebell and my body weight.

I also have a resistance band that I hardly ever use! I draw up a plan so that I know what I did the last time I exercised and what other body part I need to strengthen.

What is your diet like?

I eat a balanced diet and do not omit any particular food group. I focus on my portions and proportions and I eat real food.

I don't like packaged foods from the supermarket shelves. Whole foods, minimally processed, are my style. I like cooking my food and knowing exactly what I am eating.

What about your skin?
I am not dogmatic about beauty but I cleanse my face in the morning and in the evening using a facial cleanser and I scrub on alternate days.

Alternatively, every two days, I do a facial either in a spa or at home. Because of the sweating, I have to treat my hair every two weeks at least. Healthy diet also helps with hair and skin care.

How do you maintain your spiritual health?

Health is all round - it is body, soul and spirit. I am a Christian and I believe in the supremacy of God, and that when I pray, God hears me.

Chatting with someone sometimes makes the burden feel less. When I am going through tough times I talk to my family, my husband and those close to me.

Trusting in God when I am having a tough day helps me know that it will get better and I have the strength to go through it.

What keeps you fabulous- inside and out?

Being fabulous is not based on a certain size, a certain look - it is about loving yourself from within. When you are confident about yourself it tends to come out regardless of body size.

When you feel good about yourself you work hard to make yourself better and feel healthier and stronger. The journey in itself is fabulous until you get to your goals.

I have to be fit and alert to do my job well

Sundeep Raichura, 51, CEO of Alexander Forbes.

Age: 51

Children: two daughters aged 15 and 11

When did you start working out?

My fitness journey started many years back. To me, fitness is not just physical fitness; it is also about financial, emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. Balance is very important.

Sundeep Raichura, CEO Alexander Forbes Kenya

I have been interested in yoga and meditation for very many years. I do yoga not just for physical wellbeing but for spiritual wellness as well.

Today's science shows that if you are physically fit, meditate and spend time on certain techniques, you actually improve your brain function.

How do you work out?
Over the last three or four years I have also had a personal trainer who has been coming home to train me for three to four mornings a week.

I used to try and join gyms and do evenings, but I could not always predict when I would finish work so the best time for me has been early mornings.

I wake up at four and he comes in at 4.30am or 5 in the morning and then I exercise for an hour. Once I have done my training, I feel good about it, fit and ready to take on the day and whatever might come my way.

What is your diet like?

I follow quite a rigid diet plan. I am a strict vegetarian. I am very careful about what I eat. I maintain a very well balanced diet.

I make sure I get a decent breakfast, decent lunch and try and eat light at night. I also try have my fruits in the morning as a snack.

 I ensure that I have a good helping of a variety of vegetables and get enough protein from beans and lentils. I also go easy on wheat and try to be as gluten-free as possible.

Why would you recommend physical exercises to anyone?

Staying fit keeps me sane. It keeps me sharp and alert and it helps to cope with the stresses of day to day life. Life is fun but it can also be over whelming.

 In my professional position, unless I am fit and alert, it becomes difficult to cope with the everyday challenges.