I am at work! KDF spokesman Joseph Owuoth refutes claims by Anyang Nyong’o that he is missing

Anyang Nyong’o

KDF spokesman Joseph Owuoth has confirmed that he is well amidst claims that he had gone missing.

Kisumu governor aspirant Anyang Nyong’o in an interview told the press that Owuoth had last spoken to his sister on Monday, expressing fears over the army man’s safety.

In a phone interview with a local news site, Owuoth stated: "I am at work. What is happening? Nonsense...nonsense...I am doing fine. Tell them I am at work, everything is fine... there is nothing wrong...I have not even been to Kisumu. There is nothing to worry about..."

Joseph Owuoth had earlier confirmed documents by NASA on Operation Dumisha Utulivu.

Raila Odinga said they had evidence of a plan where Jubilee and top military brass were planning on rigging the General Elections due on August 8.

Owuoth later stated that he was quoted out of context.

Anyang Nyong’o also claimed that Owuoth was sent on compulsory leave after confirming authenticity of the documents, claims which the KDF spokesman refuted.

The claims come after IEBC ICT manager Chris Msando’s body was discovered in Kikuyu Area, Kiambu County after he was reported missing. Msando had earlier recorded a statement with the police over concerns for his safety.