Long stay: Neighbours lock man for hours in the toilet for taking too long

They punished him by locking him in

A man in the habit of taking too long in the only communal toilet which doubles up as a bathroom was locked up in the said facility for the better part of the day by his angry neighbours as punishment for inconveniencing them. 

Peter Kunyovo, who works at a local bakery, is in the habit of taking his sweet time when using a communal washroom at an estate on the outskirts of Kakamega town.

Unfortunately, this inconveniences queuing neighbours eager to also use the facility. His day of reckoning came recently when he was taught a painful lesson by raged neighbours who locked him up in the washroom for half a day.


Angered by the inconsiderate tenant, neighbours who were tired of mark-timing and pleading, with others shouting themselves hoarse for the him to hurry up and let them use the facility, punished him by closing the door from outside and seek an alternative in the neighbourhood.

Residents of Murram Estate in Kakamega County finally ran out of options and confined Kunyovo in the washroom to teach him a lesson since, they claimed, he never adheres to the conventions of the communal lifestyle.

According to one of his neighbours, Kunyovo drives everyone up the wall with his irritating antics.

From coming home late and drunk to singing circumcision songs at the top of his lungs, leaving the main gate open and jeopardising their security, airing his stinking gumboots outside his house, making the entire plot smell like a dumpsite, playing Luhyia music at maximum volume and inconveniencing other neighbours.

In the estate where tenants share, among other things, a water tap, bathroom and toilet, people are forced to wake up very early so as to use the washroom before Kunyovo. Reason being, he takes way too long in the facility and inconveniences the rest, making them late for work.

 low profile

According to Mama Joan, his neighbour, Kunyovo doesn’t listen to anyone and he has been the reason some neighbours having been skipping taking a bath in the morning, with others even moving houses.

The melon that broke the monkey’s back was when he overstayed in the washroom, ignoring calls to hurry up and let a neighbour’s children, who were late for the just concluded KCPE exams, use the facility.

When begged to hurry up, Kunyovo took it personally and rudely told the neighbour

— to the chagrin of others

— that since he pays rent he has the right to take his sweet time in the washroom.

“Hey, what makes you feel special to stay for so long in a shared washroom? Hurry up we have two candidates waiting to shower before they sit national exams, and some of us are late for work,” barked a miffed neighbour.

Kunyovo was unmoved. He shouted from inside that he was done answering a long call of nature and had just began taking a shower, urging them to be patient.

“Tumbo ni mbaya, nimekua niki hara, But nimeanza kuoga sasa. Mutangoja kidogo!” he said and proceeded to hum and whistle to his Luhyia music.

The neighbours opted to teach him a lesson by locking him in the bathroom and began taunting him as they walked away in protest. 

“Since you love staying in the washroom stay there for the rest of the day and enjoy,” scoffed a neighbour as the rest walked away in anger.

Kunyovo broke his way out at around midday after pleading to be set free to no avail, he has since kept a low profile and is rumoured to be planning to move houses soon.