Man strips girlfriend naked and ties her to a tree for refusing to sleep at his house

He ordered her to strip naked before tying her to a tree

How far can a man go in regard to punishing his girlfriend for refusing to spend a night with him?

A man in in the UK has set tongues wagging after he invaded his lover’s house, dragged her from bed (in her pyjamas) and drove her to an abandoned quarry, stripped her naked before tying her to a tree as punishment for refusing to sleep at his house, Mirror reports.

Sophie Lazell, 26, was nodding off when Daniel Jones barged into her home and grabbed her by the hair before bundling her into his car in front of her horrified family.

He then drove his terrified partner miles away to an abandoned quarry in Hampshire where he chillingly told her: “There’s a hole dug for you.”

Jones, who had been suspecting she cheats on him, and then ordered her to strip naked before tying her to a tree with her pyjamas and driving off, leaving her freezing cold and petrified.

She escaped by breaking free of her makeshift ties, hiding in a bramble bush and running through fields naked for around an hour until she found a house which was occupied by an elderly couple who called 999.

Remarkably, she suffered only cuts and bruises in the attack, although she has been left anxious and “on red alert”.

Speaking publicly for the first time since the incident, Sophie said she had spent the day with Jones, but he had become upset when she said she wanted to spend the night alone.

He kept calling her so she turned her phone to silent mode. Sophie said: “I was just nodding off when I heard a crashing noise. It sounded like the front door being kicked in.

Then I heard Daniel, shouting, ‘Where is she, the liar?’ I got up and found Daniel wielding a metal bar. He smashed the TV and said, ‘come with me’. Then my mum appeared, and my kids came out of their room.”

At this point Jones pulled Sophie towards the front door. In a desperate bid to appease him she offered to run away with him.

“I had to calm him down,” she explained. “I hoped all the commotion would wake a neighbour who’d call the police.

But I didn’t hear any sirens. As I was leaving, I told my kids it would be all right. But I was terrified.”

Jones drove terrified Sophie for what seemed like hours to a wooded track that led to a deserted quarry. “He demanded I take my trousers off,” Sophie– who was wearing pyjamas – said.

“He then led me to a tree, wrapped my arms around it, and tied them up with my pyjama bottoms and said, ‘that’s what happens to whores,’ and then forced me to strip completely.”

After a time he drove off and she made her escape, hiding in a ditch when she heard his car.

“I was terrified,” she said. “I could only see horses’ fields. There were no lights on or houses. I ran for my life. I must have been running for an hour, when I spotted a house.”

The police were called and she was taken to hospital. Jones went on the run and was arrested four weeks later. But the attack had a longer lasting impact on Sophie.

“I suffered anxiety attacks and had nightmares,” she said. After his arrest, Jones was arraigned in court. He was sentenced to 20 months in prison.