Nairobi businessman lured, robbed by gangster disguised as a sexy woman

“I could not believe that all this time I was entertaining a fellow man while thinking he was a woman"

A Nairobi businessman is regretting his insatiable appetite for ‘one-night-stands’ after he was robbed of his belongings by a man masquerading as a harlot in Kisumu City.

Visiting Kisumu City for the first time, the man got the shock of his life when the ‘beauty’ he had entertained with expensive drinks for the better part of the night, turned out to be an armed male gangster, who robbed him at knife-point.

The man who was dressed as a woman, complete with glossy lips, a weave and padded underwear that made him look like a curvy female, robbed the man of Sh50, 000 and an expensive mobile phone.

The business man had visited a famous joint within Kisumu’s central business district known for its good music mixes, beer, roasted goat ribs and beautiful, voluptuous prostitutes.

Just after settling in his seat, the man saw prostitutes hovering around, but was not courageous enough to invite one of them to his table. Much later after he got drunk, he locked eyes with one of the ‘prostitutes’ who repeatedly winked at him. He beckoned ‘her’ to his table, they broke the ice and immediately began talking.

To express his generosity, and perhaps to also increase the chances of the ‘woman’ keeping him company the whole night, the man told ‘her’ that she was at liberty to order for anything ‘she’ wanted.

The ‘woman’ had a real feast, thanking the man. “A real man,” she praised him. “A stranger, with a kind heart,” she said.

Roast meat

He too, thought that the rounds of beer, roasted meat and ugali were enough to help him have a good time with the ‘woman’.

After flirting with the ‘woman’ severally and getting a positive response, he didn’t squander the chance to ask ‘her’ to spend a night with him. Interestingly, she agreed to have a good time with him, but there was a catch; he had to pay ‘her’ well.

After about a couple of hours, the ‘woman’ said she was tired and wanted to retire to bed. They held hands and staggered away into the dark. They left the club and ventured outside to look for a lodging.

Considering the man was new in Kisumu, he asked ‘her’ to pick a place of ‘her’ choice.

The ‘woman’ took advantage and took the man to a dingy lodging, claiming it was cheaper. Drama began while the two were at in a dark alley where the ‘woman’ began cuddling the man. Just when the man began enjoying, the ‘woman’ turned revealed ‘her’ true colours

— she was a robber!

Before the man could sober up and fathom what was going on, the ‘woman’ held him by the neck as if to strangle him. Before he could scream for help, she removed a knife and threatened him to keep quiet and hand over all the money he had.

“The he-she robbed me as I watched. I could not believe that all this time I was entertaining a fellow man while thinking he was a woman.

The curvy hips and breasts that attracted me to her were nothing but padded underwear,” lamented the man, as he explained the ordeal to a watchman who came to rescue him.