Wife kills husband after he ‘accidentally’ moaned his ex’s name during sex

She stabbed her husband to death

How far would you go to punish your lover for screaming his or her ex’s name while engaged in the horizontal tango?

Whoever coined the phrase ‘hell hath no fury as a woman scorned’ must have had one newlywed Russian woman in mind.

The woman identified as Svetlana Ilvina stabbed her husband to death after he

— get this

— accidentally screamed his ex-wife’s name while making love to her, the Mirror reported. Would you believe that? Gosh! Some women can be vicious.

The fuming 45-year-old was so pissed off that she began a blazing row with her hubby Anatoly, 47, and refused to accept his apology, even after he went on his knees.

Instead, she waited until he had gone to sleep then stabbed him repeatedly in the chest at their home in central Russia.

Interestingly, she then called the police and handed herself in. A police spokesman said: “The couple had only been together three months and when the victim called out the name Olga, which is the name of his former wife, she decided she couldn’t forgive him.”

Ilvina, as we speak, is in police custody cooling her heels, pending prosecution. She now faces life in prison. Women! Women! Women! They never cease to amaze.