Men who display wealth to lure girls are no different to gold-diggers

Some men have compulsive desires

Some male behaviour is perplexing. Menfolk are quite vocal about their revulsion for gold diggers, yet go out of their way to flaunt their wealth to impress women.

Some men have a compulsive desire to inform women as to just how much they make or how much their car cost or how much they spend on a typical night out.

A friend of mine recently went out on a date with an enormous braggart who couldn’t shut up about his material possessions and achievements.

The guy, let’s call him Jim, informed her right from the get-go that he was a prominent business man who was wary of gold-diggers who he inadvertently attracts due to his stature.

For the record, that bizarre comment would have been her cue to hightail it out of there. It is such a bright red flag flapping violently in the wind that he was a narcissist that I’m surprised my friend ignored it.

Anyway, my friend and Jim proceeded to their date at a chic restaurant. It seems Jim had a four hour-long monologue prepared for the date.

He told her about his vast wealth, his business connections and his prominent friends. He casually told her that he was late picking her up because a certain governor had waylaid him on his way out of the office to discuss business.

No matter how hard my friend tried to steer the conversation away from his life, the VIPs, brand names and self-congratulatory stories just kept coming up in the conversation. Everything he said in that four-hour date can be summed up into who he was and whom he knew.

His egotist behaviour didn’t end there. On the car ride back to my friend’s place, he told her that he needed to make a quick stop at an ATM in a shopping mall to withdraw some money.

He then suggested that she accompany him to the ATM. After withdrawing the money, he gave her the receipt to see his balance.

I am not making this up! He actually wanted her to see how much he had in the bank. That was the proverbial last straw for my friend. She knew right there and then that she would never go out with him again.

Gentlemen, what’s with the gloating if you’re not looking for a gold-digger? There are many traits that women appreciate in a man and while he should be financially stable, they do not need to hear how much you earn.

There is nothing wrong with your achievements and material possessions finding their way into the conversation in a relaxed, easy going way but if that is the only conversation topic that comes easily to you, a woman can tell that you are an insecure man with nothing to offer her.

Your life is dull and the only way to make yourself sound interesting is by name dropping and showing off. Smart women do not fall for that charade.

You think that mentioning money will sweep her off her feet but the truth is a woman requires so much more from a man than an impressive bank statement, and the kind of man who talks about his money at length more often than not doesn’t have much else.

Ladies, do not appear impressed or awed by his name-dropping and display of wealth. Try and look sufficiently unimpressed.

If his belongings are his most attractive qualities, he is not worth your time.