Has Akothee run mad? Spotted on the streets dirty and wailing

The woman, believed to be Akothee, all dirty shouting on the streets dressed funnily

Well, Akothee is one woman known for weird surprises, pulling publicity stunts and ensuring everyone buys them.

In a video doing rounds, a dirty woman is shouting on the streets with a bandage on one of her legs. Some men are trying to take her away as a crowd gathers. She is crying that her leg is hurting real bad.

This video has raised heated online debates with a multitude of netizens believing that this is Kenyan female hit maker Akothee.

What is confusing and convincing at the same time is that Akothee has not been posting on her social media, something that she does so often. Her last post was two days ago when she was talking about one of her songs reaching a milestone on YouTube.

Maybe it is prudent to acknowledge that Akothee has an uncanny way of telling her stories especially when it comes to her music.

She has pulled a number of stunts and they ended up being sections of her music videos.

For instance, she once fooled the entire country into believing that she was getting married to some old mzungu. Everyone believed it but it turned out that it was just a shoot for her music video  Yuko Moyoni.

Whether this is a serious matter or not, we will have to wait and see. Here is the disturbing video: