Did the Government issue fake title deeds? “We were given titles without land while others have land without titles”

Land owners from Kihiu Mwiri Farmers Company protesting outside the Ministry of Lands offices

A section of members of the controversial Kihiu Mwiri Farmers Company have expressed their frustration over alleged fake title deeds issued by the government.

The members from Murang’a County stormed the Ministry of Lands offices in Nairobi demanding an audience with Lands Cabinet Secretary Prof Jacob Kaimenyi.

Among their complaints is that despite being in possession of land title deeds, they have no land to show for it.

They also claimed that the titles have been rejected by banks and the courts, hence cannot be used to secure a loan or presented as bond.

“We were given titles without land while others have land without titles. Some even bought land and were issued with titles whose authenticity is questionable,” said Samuel Kimani, a shareholder.

Mr Kimani lamented that they have been reduced to squatters on their own land despite all of them being in possession of the crucial ownership documents.

He said each of the 3,507 members has 20 shares to their name in the company, which means they should all be entitled to equal size of land.

“But when the surveyors came, they kept on shifting the beacons in line with instructions from some land owners. The land was also demarcated to different sizes of 100 by 100, 60 by 40 and  20 by 30 feet,” said Kimani.

At least 100 surveyors were authorised by Education Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiang’i during his tenure in the Lands docket in 2015 to demarcate 1,085 hectares to pave way for allocation. In July 2016, the ministry gave a greenlight for allocation of 2,870 titles to the shareholders of the land buying company.

Kihiu Mwiri came to the limelight following a series of murders of its directors and powerful shareholders.