Spider-Man Homecoming: Epic on comedy, flat on action

Spider-Man Homecoming

Rating: 6/10

Action movie fans who enjoyed other high octane Spider-Man sequels like the Amazing Spider-Man 2 starring Jamie Foxx, this is a watered down movie.

Spider-Man Homecoming starring Tom Holland as 15-year-old Peter Parker fails in weaving the Avengers story-line well and satisfying  Spider-Man die hard fans out who were expecting an action packed movie.

Not all is lost though, Spider-Man fans who love great story lines, a spiff of action, humour and a touch of magic from the Marvel Studio’s franchise, this is your movie.

The struggles of the irresponsible Parker as he tries to figure his way around the power he wields and the responsibility it comes with it passes as good humour.

You will be impressed at his struggles, Iron man authority and serious alien weaponry and ofcourse the allure of instant fame merged with the love of the impressive and hot crush, Liz (Laura Harrier).

Thumbs up:

It succeeds in infusing a captivating twist to Peter’s growth, maturity and understanding of his superhero powers and the struggles of everday teenager.

If you enjoy comedy and character development in a movie, this did it

Thumbs down:

There is no fan fare you would expect from a Spider-Man movie.

In fact, in a moment you forget the thrill and the adrenal rush that comes with being in a theatre watching Spiderman.

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